Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 8.

Peter Cook Sex Tape video.

Peter Cook Sex tape
Rumor has it, Peter the creep made the video without Diana’s knowledge! How sick is that?! This has got to be so hard for Christie Brinkley. But hey, at least she got rid of him, and has full custody of their kids.

Diana Bianchi
, the other woman in the Christie Brinkley divorce scandal, is speaking out against the reports that there is an alleged sex tape of her and Brinkley's ex husband Peter Cook.

Watch House season 5 episode 6 online.

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An ailing man suffers from blackouts and sleepwalks, leading the team to wonder if his sleepwalking is a symptom, or how the man is becoming exposed to something else. When the man’s daughter grows ill as well, the team must provide a diagnosis before both die. Meanwhile, Cuddy adopts a newborn but when the birth mother displays a rash, she has to make a decision between putting the mother or daughter at risk.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Watch dexter season 3 episode 5.

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About :
A third season of Dexter was announced following the season two finale, in an ad which confirmed Dexter would return in 2008. Season three premiered September 28, 2008 on Showtime and in Canada on The Movie Network. Jimmy Smits has signed on to the season 3 cast and is listed in the opening credits as "Special Guest Star". He plays Miguel Prado, an assistant district attorney who works with Dexter to solve the case of the murder of Oscar Prado, Miguel's' youngest brother. Dexter killed Oscar in self-defense while attempting to stalk a murderous drug dealer named "Freebo"; and soon Prado confides in Dexter and grows to trust him. Miguel Prado, upon following up on a lead as to Freebo's whereabouts, witnesses Dexter with the weapon that kills Freebo (also the same weapon that killed Oscar Prado) but hugs and thanks him because he thinks that his brother is finally avenged.

Family guy season 7 episode 4

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Watch Family Guy Season 7 Episode 4 online!

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Family Guy is an animated American television sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane that airs on Fox and regularly on other television networks in syndication. The show centers on a semi-dysfunctional family that lives in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The show uses frequent "cutaway gags", jokes in the form of tangential vignettes.

Watch true blood episode 8 online.

If you want to Watch True Blood Episode 8 - click here.

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I guess everyone wants to Watch True Blood Episode 8, right? I know I do. Before we get to the episode, I will have the Snynopsis to True Blood Episode 8 and a preview of it below. A lot of True Blood fans will be happy. Enjoy watching True Blood Episode 8 titled “The Fourth Man in the Fire”.

Watch Entourage Season 5 Episode 8 Full Online

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Watch Entourage Season 5 Episode 8 Full Online For Free HERE.

about :
Created by Doug Ellin, Entourage will have debuted 54 episodes at the end of its fourth season. Drawing on the experiences of industry insiders, the hit show stars Adrian Grenier as Vince, who is enjoying life in the limelight as a hot young actor; Kevin Connolly as Eric, Vince's manager, who tries to help him make the right choices; Kevin Dillon as Vince's half-brother Drama, now relishing a taste of success from his new series, "Five Towns"; Jerry Ferrara as Turtle, the least savvy of the group; and Emmy winner Jeremy Piven as Ari, Vince's aggressive, high-powered agent.
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